Ph.D. thesis summary

A short summary of my Ph.D. thesis titled "Smart Search". (read on)

A few thoughts on Mind Uploading

Those who are dead are not dead they're just living in my head (42, Coldplay). (read on)

Threshold-free cluster enhancement (TFCE) in CoSMoMVPA

Details about the implementation of TFCE in the MATLAB toolbox CoSMoMVPA used for multi-variate pattern analysis in neuroimaging. (read on)

Notes about the Donders Discussions 2017

This is the first neuroscience conference I attended as a PhD candidate. Here are my notes about the interesting developments I observed. (read on)

Thoughts about the 1st Brain Twitter Conference

I presented my work at the 1st Brain Twitter Conference, hosted by the Aalto Brain Centre. Here are my thoughts about the experience. (read on)

Building a simple Reverse Dictionary

Summary of my COLING 2016 paper, and further comments. (read on)

Visual infomation processing with biologically-realistic neural networks - Musings

Introduction to a line-of-attack (read on)

Let's get it started!

Hello World! (read on)

Arithmetic computations with Spiking Neural Networks

A short description of my 2015 IJCNN paper, and some comments about the approach. (read on)

Quadcopter control using Spiking Neural Networks

Rumination over my Bachelor's thesis project, which was left incomplete partly by a roadblock. (read on)