Sushrut Thorat.

I am a cognitive scientist, aiming to build resource-constrained artificial agents that can learn and function in the wild.

Current position:

Previous education/experience:

Further academically-relevant information can be found in my curriculum vitae (full/short). The projects page lists and briefly summarizes my projects.

In case you would like to discuss the possibility of a collaboration or just ideas/critiques related to my work, connect with me on Twitter @martisamuser or email

Beyond research, I enjoy playing League of Legends, Age of Empires 2, badminton, and board games (Pandemic, Catan <3). I am always up for water-sports: swimming, kayaking, snorkelling, stand-up paddling, and scuba diving. Also sign me up for any adrenaline-pumping, motivating, or tear-jerking anime (have you watched Hunter x Hunter yet? Your Lie in April?), or movies!

I occasionally blog about the green screens of my projects, half-baked but interesting ideas, and other random stuff which might come in handy. I occasionally write short stories and poems (I am a novice). They can be found at Meadows.