Useful books, going beyond the norm, during JEE Advanced prep

The books suggested below aren’t essential for you to crack JEE Advanced. However, if you are someone who is bored with the usual JEE stuff, these books will reignite your passion for whatever subjects/topics you are interested in. Additionally, I want you to be aware that many students in the topmost batches of the institutes in Kota (I was one of them) read these books.


  1. Problems in General Physics - Irodov
    • If you can solve these problems, JEE Advanced Physics will be a cakewalk. Then all you need is speed which you have to acquire through lots of practice with multiple choice questions.
  2. Fundamentals of Physics - Halliday, Resnick, and Walker
    • Consider this your textbook for physics.
  3. The Feynman lectures on Physics - Feynman
    • If ever you want to enjoy studying physics, this is the book you can turn to. Feynman has been hailed as the best physics teacher ever (and he won a Nobel prize in Physics).
  4. We have no idea: A guide to the unknown universe - Whiteson and Cham
    • This is a popular science book which will take you on a trip of the known world of physics. Highly recommended.


  1. IIT Mathematics for JEE - Khanna, Sharma, and Pundir
    • A huge set of problems that will set you up for JEE Advanced Math.
  2. Plane Trigonometry, Part 1 - Loney
    • A big part of a successful mathematician is the ability to visualise complex structures while reasoning about math variables. Moving through this book will provide you a glimpse into that world.
  3. What is Mathematics: An elementary approach to Ideas and Methods - Courant and Robbins
    • This book takes you on a tour through the world on mathematics. It goes way beyond what is expected in JEE, but for someone interested in math is a must-read.
  4. Proofs from THE BOOK: Aigner and Ziegler
    • Exclusively for people extremely interested in mathematics. A gem unlike any other, it covers the foundational arguments in mathematics.


  1. Atkins’ Physical Chemistry - Atkins and Paula
    • In my opinion, learning chemistry without quantum mechanics is boring. This book introduces you to the concepts essential for you to understand where all the principles you learn in physical chemistry come from.
  2. Organic Chemistry - Morrison and Boyd
    • If you are a die-hard fan of organic chemistry, this book is essential for you to dive into the depths of the field.
  3. Concise Inorganic Chemistry - Lee
    • Inorganic chemistry is probably the most intricate of the three divisions of chemistry. This book gives you a flavour of the intricacy and aims to make it easier for you to learn the concepts necessary for JEE Advanced.